Amanda is a certified health and wellness coach with a great passion for helping women become the best version of themselves. She helps women to regain self-confidence and self-esteem by building a nourishing relationship with food, eating, and their body. She shares excellent ideas that empower women to take responsibility for their life’s situation and helps them build habits in alignment with their mission. 

Amanda is calm, yet tenacious and inspiring. She is an excellent listener who has an innate ability to motivate women to be their very best. She believes that every person has a unique food and lifestyle need, therefore, the type of food that works for one person may be poison to another person. Amanda will guide you to make positive changes based on your unique needs, lifestyle, and background.

Amanda is certified as a holistic health coach by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and a board holistic health practitioner by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. Her education has equipped her with in-depth knowledge of health coaching and holistic nutrition.  Amanda helps to organize and run Sage’s nutritional and lifestyle workshops which are designed to provide training on health and nutrition for professionals and those seeking to improve their health and wellbeing. 


Meet Amanda

I am very passionate about helping women build a nourishing relationship with food, eating, and their body, and I thoroughly enjoy listening to their life’s goals and dreams. I'm obsessed with food and cooking, paired with a fantastic glass of wine, and am therefore an avid believer in the phrase "everything in moderation." 


Why I Got into Health and Wellness:

My journey back from a traumatic experience back in 2012 has been my drive and motivation to live. I learned the hard way that I needed to take my health into my own hands in order to gain the power to control my PTSD and reconnect with the ideal woman I wanted to be. I believe I would be a great fit for young, professional women who might be going through their own “Life Traumas” and challenges. It hasn’t been an easy journey for me with so many setbacks and challenges that have surfaced from time to time, but it has made me a stronger woman, and I can understand where my clients are coming from.

I’m Here to Help You Accomplish Your Dreams:

Despite the successes I have made in bettering my health and life, I still have my fair share of goals that I want to achieve in the coming weeks, months and years. Like everyone else, I am far from perfection. I have struggled with eating disorders, body dysmorphic disorder (BDD), PTSD, anxiety, depression, and the list goes on. I have tried every existing “fad diet” out there, but from my personal experience and what I have learned in my training and research, they never work. That's why I want to be there to help you to start knocking things off of your list and to help you reach your goals. I am here to be your biggest fan, friend and advocate. I know firsthand that we can’t do it alone.

Accountability Rocks:

Health and wellness goals are not very easy to reach. It is a work in progress. I’m here to get you there. I also know that there are days that suck when you feel you may have regressed. I’m here for those days too. My greatest desire is for you to start to feel complete, confident, and at ease in your daily endeavors. To be proud and acknowledge the accomplishments in your life, no matter how "insignificant" they may be to someone else. Sometimes you just need an outsider’s perspective to remind you of all the great things you've done, and all the things you have to look forward to achieving.


My Accreditations:

•    Certified Holistic Health Coach, the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.
•    Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, American Association of Drugless Practitioners.