One-on-one Coaching with Darci: Become Your Own Health “Sage”

The best shot you have in reaching your desired goals as a woman are your time and commitment.

You already have the capacity, a coach only guides you to break your boundaries and limiting perceptions. I will teach you to be your own Health Sage. Through a supportive partnership, you will gain the confidence and energy you need to build a healthy, self-confident and fulfilling life consciously.

One-on-one coaching can help you overcome obstacles and accept beliefs and behaviors that support your ideal potential. 
My approach looks like this: I will ask about your health, job, relationship, career, kids, and, even your pets.

Yes, holistic health is so much more than food. I will want to know what you’ve been eating and how it’s working for you or not. You’ll tell me what’s driving you crazy, what you love, and what you want to achieve. I want you to share your vulnerabilities so I can help you become physically the version of you that you desire, and as a result spiritually and mentally transformed. We’ll set goals, and I'll hold you accountable without making you feel guilty.



If the following sounds like you, then 1:1 Coaching is a good fit for you:

  • You’ve tried figuring things out on your own, but haven’t been able to sustain the results or experience the motivation, energy, or vigor for life you crave…
  • Despite being self-motivated, you need PERSONALIZED attention, accountability, and an easy-to-follow, actionable plan…
  • Are willing to be held accountable and will take action based on recommendations and guidance

Our One-on-One Coaching Program is Designed to:

●    Explore your health and wellness concerns.
●    Identify your health and wellness goals, work towards sustainable change, and envision how you’ll feel once you reach them.
●    We will do a thorough health history and go deep with your goals and what has historically held you back in order to set you up for success.
●    Uncover why you are getting stuck in achieving these goals and discover the path to your best HealthStyle that fits in with your life. 
●    Help you build habits that will reinforce health, strength, grace, and confidence
●    Reveal core concepts that will teach you how to eat in the best way for you
My coaching begins and finishes with values. My approach to health is a dominant force for good in a world filled with negativity. 

Where We Start:

●    You’ll start by completing a detailed questionnaire and health history form.
●    Once that’s complete, we’ll meet personally so I can learn more about who you are, where your health is at, and your goals and challenges. This will allow me to put together a customized program

What You Get:

●    We meet 2 times per month for 45 minutes, and in these meetings, I help you get out of your head and into your body so you can be entirely present to discuss your goals, health history, and past hindrances.
                       o    You will submit a progress report and food journal twice a month to keep you accountable and allow me to tweak your nutrition and lifestyle plan to ensure it’s continually aligned with your goals.

●    I provide email support between sessions and handouts specific to your needs and goals.

●    Incorporate healthy kitchen practices that you can master and use as a part of your new personal blueprint to achieve healthy eating habits
                        o    Kitchen 101: the basics for a successful new HealthStyle
                        o    Meal planning
                        o    Simple, healthy recipes
                        o    Easy home cooking tips so you can whip up healthy, yummy meals at home.



Corporate Wellness Workshops with Darci and Amanda

We're here to help your employees by bringing wellness to the workplace.

Through our programs and workshops, our clients have shared with us that they have experienced multiple benefits, such as:

●    Enhanced Recruitment and Retention of Healthy Employees
●    Reduced Health Care Costs
●    Improved Employee Relations and Morale
●    Increased Productivity
●    Added Value to Your Current Wellness Program
●    Decreased Rates of Illness and Injuries
●    Reduced Employee Absenteeism

Lunch & Wellness (custom designed to meet employee initiatives and needs)

●    Finding Work/Life Balance Events: (Our most popular workshop): 

                    o    Wine and Wellness “Happy Hour” with Certified Sommelier
                    o    Wine and Wellness Social Series: Yoga or Vision Board

●    Everyday Healthy Habits Kickstarter
●    Easy, Healthy Meals to Take to the Office
●    Signs of Burnout and How to Manage Stress
●    Kick Sugar to the Curb to Gain More Energy
●    Small Group Private Wellness Bootcamps


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