Sage HealthStyle is a Catalyst for Positive Self-Worth. 

We are a health coaching team that is passionate about making the world a warm and exciting place for women. We fully understand the art of being a woman and the everyday struggles women face in their relationships, home, and workplace. We honor every woman’s inner wisdom, virtue, and femininity and help them create a place for self-confidence, self-love, kindness, acceptance, and habits that will reinforce health, strength, and grace.

We believe that our health and well-being are more than the total of what we eat, and how much we exercise. Our holistic health coaching approach takes close account of not only the stresses and anxieties, but also the joys and accomplishments we make in our daily lives. By managing these inputs, we can more efficiently explore our relationship with the food we put into our body, and the time and effort we dedicate to improving our mind, body, and spirit. 


Our Food Philosophy


We Wholeheartedly Believe:

  • In eating whole, real food that closely resembles what Mother Nature provides for us. 
  • That what you put into your body can nourish and heal you; allow your food to be your medicine.
  • We all have the power to create beauty from within. It is about living clean and making a choice. The right choices with your food will affect your mood, relationships, career, happiness, thoughts, energy, and the glow of your skin - essentially, your whole life.
  • In fresh, homemade meals that are made with love and eaten with joy.  Relish in the taste, the smell, the texture and the variety, and take your time to notice all of these. 
  • In being courageous with your meal preparation.
  • In exploring and being creative with your food.  
  • That the process of learning never stops, and we believe you should educate yourself on how specific foods can impact physical and mental ailments you might be experiencing.
  • You should be kind to yourself as you explore and grow in your healthy eating journey; allow for change, but be honest with yourself and pay attention to how it impacts your life. 
  • Everyone deserves a treat every now and again! Drink that glass of wine! Eat that cookie! We don't use words like 'diet". We believe in moderation, and letting that be your guide.
  • In gratitude and counting blessings, not counting calories. 
  • Sleep and exercise are a critical component of overall health!