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This special offer for January includes the following: 

  • A free 50-minute consultation
  • 4 50-minute personal health coaching sessions for $99 per session if signed up by 1/31/17

The consultation will allow you to meet us and:

  • Explore your health and wellness concerns.
  • Identify your health and wellness goals and envision how you’ll feel once you reach them.
  • Begin to discover the path to your best HealthStyle that fits in with your life. 
  • Uncover why you are getting stuck in reaching these goals. 
  • Get to know us better: why we love what we do, how we got into this journey, and how we can help you with your Sage HealthStyle Pillars.

The 50-minute personal health coaching sessions will allow us to: 

  • Help you work on your health and wellness goals in a one-on-one environment over the course of 4 sessions; one per week for a month, whether that's in person, via FaceTime, Skype or over the phone. 
  • Unlimited e-mail or text support between sessions 
  • Customized materials and tools (such as handouts, books, videos, etc) to help you accomplish your goals.
  • Helpful resources and continuing education to support your transformation.
  • Help you to incorporate practices and lifestyle changes that are easy and sustainable to maintain once we part ways!
  • End of program assessment and review leaving you with a path of success to continue your new lifestyle and wellness journey. 

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