Sage HealthStyle Pillars of Health

We truly believe that creating a life of wellness and health is a process and must be done with balance in mind. Our core philosophy is that if you focus on the foundation, or "the Pillars of Health", you can then bring attention to the other areas of your life that give you fulfillment and joy.  We also acknowledge that life throws us curve balls all the time and that finding joy is a dance we do with reality and intentions.  Success for us is the journey and being present in the moment to enjoy the process of living a life of wellness.  We use the Circle of Life to define a life of wellness and our Pillars of Health as our guide and foundation to come back to as we maneuver through this beautiful journey!  

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Our Pillars of Health:

Sleep            Whole Real Food            Movement           Self-Care

Pillars of Health

Circle Of Life:

The Circle of Life are areas to contemplate once you feel grounded in your HealthStyle Pillars. Our approach is to always have an eye on these aspects of our life. Typically, we weave in and out of these depending on what we need for growth, balance, or fulfillment.

  • Your Social Life
  • Spirituality
  • Creativity
  • Relationships
  • Home Environment
  • Career
  • Education
  • Finances
  • Joy
Circle of Life

Our Philosophy:

We honor and acknowledge that creating a new HealthStyle is a process and commitment, yet we have found success when we follow these basic principles.

  • Diet is a four letter word we never use and we never subscribe to

  • HealthStyle success is a result of implementing, or weaving together, manageable small steps one at a time

    • Make the commitment and say it out loud/write it down

    • Failure comes when we try to take on too much at once

    • When we slip, we acknowledge this and get back on track

    • Start small and then build on to already established habits

  • All areas of health need to be addressed; this encompasses emotional, physical, spiritual, mental health

  • Realistic goals and a roadmap need to be clearly thought through and mapped out

    • Articulate the why behind the goals; you need to fully understand why you want that goal and for what reason

    • Know the benefits of every goal and intention 

  • Tools for each new behavior, or habit, need to be identified

  • We celebrate success, every step along the way, instead of dwelling on mistakes or slip-ups (because those are bound to happen)

  • Practice patience: be imperfect and be ok with this

  • Agree to be held accountable, by yourself and by your coach; accountability is key to every step to success