The Golden Rule

Do you remember the "Golden Rule" you learned as a kid? "Treat others how you wish to be treated." This simple principle carries over so well into our adult lives. Your parents (and likely their parents) taught you almost everything you need to know to succeed in life when you were a child. 


Think about the simple wisdom of the little things your parents said to you over and over again. Be kind to your friends, play well with others, you need to be a friend to have friends, turn off the lights when you leave the room, shut the refrigerator (or front) door, don’t leave the water running, clean your plate - there are kids all over the world that would love to have your food... We know you're probably smirking right about now, and are immediately transported back to when you were ten years old.

But seriously, think about the brilliance of those simple statements, these phrases and sentiments, they create the core of our foundation today.  When you really consider what truly makes you happy and successful, it’s inner peace and knowing you’re a good person, doing good in the world, having a positive impact on those you touch and going to bed at night knowing you did the best you could to make this world a better place.  

Of course money helps and is a nice positive to have in life; being powerful and having a cush job is rewarding, having great influence and recognition at said job feels good, but when you contemplate your eulogy, is a career making six-figures really want you want to be remembered for? When you look at yourself in the mirror every day, is this what makes you feel content and leaves you with a sense of peace? Chances are, those are not the things that let you know you're making an impact on the world and you're doing something right. 

If you're kind to your friends and family, if you're a caring and considerate friend, you will have rich, meaningful relationships that touch your soul.  When you play nice with others, you're a great, valuable team member and someone people seek to work with. When you turn off the running water when you're not using it, shut the door (refrigerator or front door - we don't want to cool the whole neighborhood!), we care for our planet and we conserve water and energy. If you're conscious and gracious for the food on your plate, and you do what you can to pay it forward, by volunteering or donating food and money, you're giving back to those in need and are understanding that food is a gift and a privilege. 

So if you struggle to find happiness and are curious if you're successful in our world that is dominated by unhappiness and stress, reevaluate the definition of these and then thank your parents for the great foundation and wisdom they instilled in you. Success and happiness are right in front of you; stop, remember, and then smile at your success and how blessed you are with the gift of your life.