Simple means easy and wholesome

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It it is not simple, we are not going to do it. Period.

This applies to every aspect of our life as we endeavor to bring improvement, change, and new habits into our lives.  But for today, let's tackle our desire to lose wieght, be healthier, get more energy or maybe even reduce our cravings for sugar.  We think it all starts with whats on our plate, in our bowl and in our glasses.  

We are so over extended in our commitments and so bombarded with messages and advice, that it is any wonder we can sift through it all and decide what really matters and what new behaviors, trends or healthy hacks might be worth trying. Of course, living in a world of instant gratification, we want it to be fun, easy to get into, and deliver pretty quick success and results. 

So, really...let's just make it simple. We are confident that if you focus on these four meal categories, you can see a change. The best part is you don't need any fancy equipment or need to take a pricey cooking class.  It's as easy as... Soups, Salads, Smoothies and Scrambles.

Soups, Salads, Smoothies and Scrambles. The intent and approach is to remind you to use whole, real ingredients that pack in the nutrients you need for a nutrient dense diet. When you pack in the good foods, you crowd out the space left for the not-so-good food choices. And this is our best kept secret to success, as there's nothing more complicated than this: pack in the good stuff, crowd out the bad. 

When you keep your meals and food choices simple, you create an environment for success with your health. We think simple means things like crock pot meals, one pan meals, smoothies, salads, soups and scrambles. Simple also means easy and wholesome. Save the fancy sauces for special occasions. By the way, we have taken liberties with Scrambles. Our definition is a dish that is made in one pot, pan, jar etc. Scramble means you combine the ingredients and scramble them (or shake them or stir them). So we mean things like Veggie and Chicken Scrambles, Overnight Oats, traditional Egg Scrambles or One-Pan Dinners.

We have found the most enticing aspect of choosing to eat from the 4 S's is that meal prep is a breeze. All these choices can be prepped and made ahead of time. Plus, it is a super budget friendly way to eat yourself to wieght loss and better health.  There is no better way to share ingredients and to use up all your produce and leftovers than by making a smoothie or scramble. We love to batch cook soup so we have it multiple lunches and dinners.  

We encourage you to try the 4-S meal plan approach for a month to see change and be kind on your wallet. 

Try of few of our favorite recipes below.